The Centre Of Hope

About Us
"For there is hope for a tree. That if it is cut down, that it will sprout again and that its tender shoots will not cease" - Job 14:7
About the Centre Of Hope

Near the small town of Steenbokpan, on the farm Doringkopje, bordered by the Limpopo River, you will find the faith based Centre Of Hope. The Centre is owned by Danie and Surita Steenkamp and is run and managed by Marne and Karl Leonard. These four have a burning passion for those who are afflicted by drug addiction, alcoholism, behavioural problems and other life inhibiting situations such as depression and other addictions. They will do anything in their power to make a permanent change in the resident's lives, so that they can go on living healthy, productive and successful lives, free from the bondages of addictions or other previous life inhibiting problems.

There is a deep and earnest longing in their hearts that through the word of God, and the power of His spirit that want to give hope and restoration, not only to those who suffer these afflictions in their lives but also to their families and loved ones. There is nothing like seeing the light of hope rekindled in a person's eyes that previously held nothing but regret, loneliness and despair, or to hear the renewed sound of hope in the voice of a loved one where there was only hopelessness and frustration before.

The Centre is affiliated with Tough Love South Africa, Agape Church, and River Of Life Church.

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