The Centre Of Hope

About Us
"For there is hope for a tree. That if it is cut down, that it will sprout again and that its tender shoots will not cease" - Job 14:7

We offer a number of different sports that the residents are able to keep themselves fit and healthy including: Volleyball, Soccer, Cricket, and Table Tennis.

We also offer outdoor activities such as Fishing and Walks.

We offer weekly pottery classes where the residents are taught how to make a number of different objects first by hand and then on the pottery wheel.

Game Drives
Being located on a game farm, we are privileged to have a number of different species of wild game, and like to get the residents out on game drives whenever possible.

Vegetable Garden
We have a small vegetable garden for those residents who feel like they have green-fingers.

Pig & Sheep Pen
We currently have a few sheep as well as a pig named "Bacon" that the residents take care of. This is another way in which to teach them responsibility.