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"For there is hope for a tree. That if it is cut down, that it will sprout again and that its tender shoots will not cease" - Job 14:7

Bianca Blomerus

I started using narcotics at the age of 15. I quickly became dependant on them. On top of my addiction, I struggled with low self-esteem and depression and because of this allowed myself to be used and abused by men.

As my addiction got worse I tried to get help a number of times, trying various 30 day programs, where my recovery didn't last longer than a couple of weeks. Every time I fell back to my old life style and things got progressively worse each time. I lost all my friends and ended up alone on the streets not knowing where I was going to sleep from one night to the next, never knowing what tomorrow might hold - I was a slave to drugs! My family wanted nothing to do with me and my daughter didn't know me. I saw no future and no hope.

I had always believed in God. My habit became so bad that I was close to death; my body began shutting down. I cried out to God asking Him if He saw a future for me where I was clean and sober because all I knew was how to be high and drunk my entire life. I couldn't live without mind altering substances. That night God showed me a sign, and from then on my life changed dramatically.

I fell pregnant; which forced me to get clean, but not without a struggle. I found a place to stay and support the baby, however, in the end I gave my baby up for adoption - I ended up relapsing. I asked for help, and my social worker recommended The Centre of Hope.

This is where God sent me to change my entire life. I will forever be grateful to the staff and people at The Centre of Hope. The Lord is at work there. I met Him there and He gave me my dignity as well as my life back.

Today I am 1 year and 3 months clean and walking an amazing journey with Jesus. My change started at The Centre of Hope - Gods is there; saving, changing and healing!