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"For there is hope for a tree. That if it is cut down, that it will sprout again and that its tender shoots will not cease" - Job 14:7

Jason Panagidis

I started using narcotics at the age of 21, mainly to experiment at first, it soon grew out of control and I began to use to help me cope at work. What started out as a bit of harmless fun soon became a major problem in my life that I tried to keep secret from my family and friends. 10 years later I found myself at absolute rock bottom, my wife had divorced me, I had lost my job as a junior partner in a great company, I lost my car, my house and even my best friends wanted nothing to do with me. I found myself at a cross roads in my life and needed to make a change or face the prospect of landing up homeless on the streets, or even worse, landing up dead.

Through God's grace, I came to the Center of Hope and met Angus, Celeste, Danie and Surita. Instantly I could see that these people were willing to go to any lengths to help those placed in their care and I decided I would really work hard to change my life using the guidance and life lessons they wanted to share. I was never a religious person, but quickly discovered just how powerful God's love is through the classes we attended. Angus, Celeste, Danie and Surita have a PASSION for Christ and I quickly discovered that if I was going to change my life and make a positive contribution to society, then it was time for me to give myself to the Lord.

I saw many many miracles at the Center of Hope, I saw broken people who had lost everything slowly be transformed back into happy, well rounded people and I am proud to say, I am still friends with many of my fellow residents. I made some wonderful friends at the Center we shared a lot of ups and downs and I know we will remain friends for life. I learnt some of the most fundamental and important lessons of my life during my 8 month program and I carry these lessons with me daily. I am pleased to say that today I have a brilliant job, a wonderful family who I strive to make proud every minute I'm alive and I have a strong and ever increasing faith in God.

If you or a loved one are in need of help, I would not hesitate for a second to recommend the Centre of Hope. The sheer amount of love and passion displayed by the people who work there restored my faith in humanity. You will not find a better place to heal, nor will you find better people to learn from. I owe my life to Angus, Celeste, Danie & Surita and will forever be in their debt. These people do God's work for very little reward or recognition and this truly shows that they are passionate about saving lives. I am humbled and proud to have been placed in their care and it changed my life forever.